Thursday, 7 August 2008

August Musings

Gosh, is it really Thursday already?

Four days since I wrote my last blog entry. Where does all time disappear to?

Tomorrow I shall be heading towards Bristol for my Crystal Healing Workshop on Saturday. I haven't been to Bristol for some time.

My main memories of driving through Bristol are its comprehensive - and very confusing - one way systems.

Fortunately, Bristol isn't too far from where I live. It always amazes me that when I go over the Severn Bridge I can do so freely but to be allowed back into Wales I have to pay £5.20 to do so.

Why the Welsh actively discourage tourists by charging them so much money to enter their country has always been an enigma to me. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever - though I guess the world in which we now live is mostly made up of power-crazed bureaucrats who are more interest in the pursuit of the material God, rather then helping people who have scarcely enough money and often have to make a stark choice - to eat or to heat.

And this is the UK I am talking about - not some third world country!

I have many friends in countries where the people are in desperate straits; no food, no medicines, no home, no money.

Whilst - admittedly - most people in the UK are not in quite such desperate circumstances, nevertheless there are an increasing number of people who can now be described as being in the poverty belt.

I may be accused of being old-fashioned but when I was growing up I was always taught to take responsibility for one's own actions!!

And - what's more - I wasn't expected to to suffer from anyone else's wrong doings.

Yet, this is exactly what our UK Government are wanting us to do.

Surely it cannot be morally justified to repossess people's homes because they cannot pay their mortgage because their mortgage company has increased their monthly repayments because of this so-called credit crunch which is not the fault, nor the responsibility, of the people who are suffering because they have not the necessary available income to meet the extortionate and exhorbitant demands of their mortgage companies?

I know that sounds a mouthful - but it's the absolute truth.

The Government is not allowing us to set a very good example to our children!! What do our children make of such irresponsible actions being taken by those who are supposedly elected to look after all our best interests?

I don't mean to become too politically-orientated.

All I want to ensure is that nobody suffers the pain and trauma of losing their home, their self-respect or their relationship through a set of external circumstances completely beyond their personal control?

Do you agree?

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