Saturday, 2 August 2008

Healing International Ning Web site

I started this blog as a kind of 'add-on' to the main Healing International ning-formatted social network.

To be quite honest I didn't appreciate just how successful Healing International was going to become - it's almost taken over my life.

It is certainly very much easier for me to access Healing International than Facebook - Facebook and I don't seem to be speaking the same language these days - it often takes me many hours to even read my Facebook messages.

Since Healing International was created three months ago, we have just passed a momentous milestone - and welcomed member number 1000 to Healing International.

Healing International has its own sub-groups such as:-

Crystal Healing
Distant Healing
Past-Life Regression

Members can always create their own groups for their own specific therapy if they wish to do so.

Already I have noticed that many members of Healing International are making friends with each other - and exchanging/discussing ideas, news and other information.

If you have not already become a member of Healing International - and would like to do so - and join many other like-minded spiritual Lightworkers please click below:-

and complete your profile (it only takes 5 minutes)

Next year - 2009 - I plan to organise Healing International Congresses in the UK and in the US - possibly in even more countries!!

In my view it is very important that all healers and therapists are connected with each other.

Wearing another one of my various 'hats' I am also the Registrar of the International Holistic Therapies Directories:-

Currently there are around 9,700 healers/therapists, representing 116 different countries, in 37 seaparate therapies within the International Holistic Therapies Directories.

The internet is a wonderful invention but in many ways it has become much too fragmented.

Take Reiki, for example.

If you wish to find a reiki therapist in your own locality, there is no central source directory. I have just googled the words 'reiki practitioners' and Google tells me that there are 245,000 entries. The mind absolutely boggles...............

Part of the problem is that many healers/therapists are quite unable to understand the great benefits that they can obtain by becoming listed in a healing directory.

Through Healing International - in the fullness of time - I envision that we shall be able to produce the most comprehensive healing and therapist directories on the internet.

YOUR support will be invaluable.

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