Friday, 1 August 2008

My Magic Carpet Ride

Welcome to my Healing International Blog.

Everyone else seems to be blogging away like mad these days so why not me? (I ask myself).

So you are warmly invited to join me on my Magic Carpet Ride to visit many fascinating facets of our collective minds, bodies and spirits.

Today, I have just finished writing my new book. A 149 page, 49,750 word literary masterpiece!!

Hopefully, the publisher will have it ready - in print and in my hands some time before Christmas. I live in hope, anyway!!

I must try and update this blog on a regular basis.

My mother - a lady of literary talent who could never write/say one word where nineteen would do equally as well - would have loved the whole concept of blogging.

Sadly, she passed away nearly 16 years ago when the internet and computers were in their embryonic infancy.

I think my mother would have approved of the way in which I am a prolific contributor to many mailing lists and web sites.

So where would you like my Magic Carpet to take you?

Answers on a post card - or left as a comment.

With many healing blessings


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